The Leigh Smile Center is happy to offer patients "All-ON-4" and Full Zirconia Implant-Supported Arch Concept. These are full rehabilitation treatments for the edentulous patient.

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Implant Direct's "All-Over-4" treatment concept utilizes 4 Implants to support a fixed screw-retained implant appliance. All-Over-4 and Teeth-in-1 Day are registered trademarks of Implant Direct Sybron International. A similar treatment option is NOBEL BIOCARE's "All-On-4" and "Teeth-in-A-Day" which are registered trademarks of Nobel Biocare. Another similar concept, "All-in-one" (a full Zirconium Implant Arch), is a registered trademark of Quadrant Dental. SEE BELOW. Another example is the "PRETTEAU Dental Implant Bridge" (full contour Zirconia) from Tischler Dental Laboratory. As you can see, there are many options for screw-retained implant appliances in the marketplace.
These appliances are used for the total rehabilitation of the edentulous patient.  We are now pleased to offer this innovative treatment option to our patients who request it.
All trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

Recently completed case by Dr. Leigh: A Female Patient. An Eleven (11) Implant Case (6 in Maxilla & 5 in Mandible). A Screw-Retained Fixed Implant Case. FULL Upper and Lower 'BruxZir' (Zirconia) Hybrid Case.

Full Upper and Lower Implant  Case       Full Upper and Lower Implant Case (11 Implants)

BruxZir Zirconia


Zirconia Arches

Picture courtesy of Quadrant Dental Laboratory.


We offer “ALL-IN-ONE” Full Arch Rehabilitation for edentulous patients (utilizing 4 to 6 Implants per arch).

FEES: Please contact the Leigh Smile Center for fee information.

"Although ceramics are brittle materials, the phase transformation of zirconia under stress makes this ceramic highly resistant to fracture. Zirconia may be used to fabricate highly esthetic restorations anywhere in the mouth. In dental ceramics, zirconia can inhibit crack growth and prevent catastrophic failure." 
Russell Giordano, DMD, CAGS, DMSc; and Carlos Eduardo Sabrosa, CD, MSD, DScD, Zirconia: Material Background and Clinical Application, Compendium, November/December 2010, Volume 31, Issue 9, Published by AEGIS Communications.

"Structural properties: The transformation toughened Zirconia has unique properties such as high fracture toughness and strength. Extensive laboratory studies confirmed the strength, superiority of zirconium-based restorations. Excellent material physical properties, biocompatibility, and superior aesthetics make Y-TZP a popular material among the contemporary all-ceramic material. Extensive in vitro and in vivo studies have confirmed high fracture resistance and its use in stress bearing areas. The five-year clinical follow-up studies that are in progress have shown a positive result at the end of first year." Pilathadka S., Vahalová D., Vosáhlo T., The Zirconia: a New Dental Ceramic Material. An Overview,  Department of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine Hradec Králové, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

"Zirconia is one of the most promising restorative biomaterial, because it has very favorable mechanical and chemical properties suitable for medical application. Zirconia ceramics (ZrO 2) are becoming a prevalent biomaterial in dentistry and dental implantology. Zirconia stabilized with Y 2 O 3 has the best properties for these applications. Zirconia biocompatibility had been studied in vivo as well as in vitro; no adverse response was reported following the insertion of ZrO 2 samples to bone or muscle. In vitro experimentation showed absence of mutations and good viability of cells cultured on this material. Zirconia cores for fixed partial dentures (FPD) on anterior and posterior teeth and on implants are now available. Mechanical properties of zirconium oxide FPDs have proved superior to those of other metal-free restorations. Clinical evaluations, which have been ongoing, indicate a good success rate for zirconia FPDs. Zirconia implant abutments can also be used to improve the aesthetic outcome of implant-supported rehabilitations. Newly proposed zirconia implants seem to have good biological and mechanical properties. Ramesh T.R., Gangaiah M., Harish P.V., Krishnakumar U., Nandakishore B., Zirconia Ceramics as a Dental Material - An Overview, Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, 01/2012; 26: 154-160

ADVANTAGES: (click on the hyperlinks below for manufacturer's information)
    - This one-piece Fixed Full Zirconia Arch is Screw-Retained.
    - Its monolithic (one solid screw-retained restoration) structure makes it very strong.
    - The
“ALL-IN-ONE” Implant Bridge allows for easy cleaning by the patient and removability by the clinician.

For more information on Zirconia Appliances please visit:

Picture courtesy of Quadrant Dental Laboratory.


Maxillary Surgical GuideMAXILLARY SURGICAL GUIDE: Click on photo to enlarge.






Maxillary (Upper Appliance) a Fixed / Removable "HYBRID" Appliance.
In all of these appliances
we use Nobel Procera Services (Nobel Biocare) MILLED TITANIUM FRAMEWORKS exclusively.

PROF. PAULO MALO of the Malo Clinic, Spain (and other locations throughout the world)
Prof. Malo pioneered the idea of total rehabilitation of the edentulous patient developed in the early 1990’s at the Malo Clinic in Spain, which allows for immediate function, full-arch Implant-Supported appliances. This treatment option can avoid the necessity for sinus grafting by utilizing
angled implant placement in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw).This Implant Therapy option is now promoted by many Implant manufacturers.

"The placement of dental implants for single tooth restoration started with edentulous sites and has evolved to immediate extraction and placement of an implant in a single day. Immediate "loading" of
single implants is a misnomer as single implants cannot truly be loaded without a high risk of failure. However, with full arch replacement there is now true multiple placement and immediate loading in a single day! This technique is gaining worldwide popularity as it is a true immediate (temporary) fixed prosthetic alternative to removable solutions. It is a predictable, esthetic and (cost-effective) solution, versus up to a dozen implants and grafts needed for a past traditional fixed solution to the edentulous arch."  BioHorizons Canada                                  

DENTURES ON IMPLANTS: (Please see the Terminology Page)

If you’re tired of your current dentures moving around in your mouth, and think denture adhesive is bothersome, our denture replacement solution may be right for you. A fixed denture replacement solution consists of a dental implant bridge that is supported by four or more dental implants. By using dental implants to secure the dentures, the need for denture adhesive is not necessary. Because the dental implants function like the natural roots, the dentures will feel somewhat like your natural teeth. Ask our dentists if you may be a candidate for a fixed (screw-retained) dental implant appliance to replace your conventional denture.

Implant Appliance Utilizing 5 Implants: Digital Panorex X-Ray Lower Titanium 'Hybrid' Framework Implant Appliance

The Acrylic teeth are just barely visible, of course, since it is an X-Ray.

Titanium Framework Planning Design: Utilizing 6 implants
Titanium Framework 1

Titanium Framework 2

Titanium Framework 3

Titanium Framework 4

Titanium Framework 5

    Six Implant Hybrid Appliance
   Panorex of 6 Implant Lower Arch "Hybrid" Screw-retained Appliance.
All the above Implant Surgery Cases are performed using Computer Generated Surgical Guides from Austen Texas, and Israel.

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All services are being provided by General Dentists.
Please Note: There are no "Specialists" in Dental Implant treatments in Alberta or Canada.

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